In a dynamic world, it is now more important than ever for clients to seek unbiased, independent advice from a suitably qualified professional. 
Investment Planning 
When constructing an investment portfolio, it is essential to assess your individual circumstances and future objectives. The key to success is to consider the factors which will impact upon the performance of your underlying assets, such as: 
Attitude to risk, Time horizon, Growth or Income, Accessibility and 
Tax efficiency. 
This consolidated approach should ensure that any proposed strategy will target an acceptable rate of return within your agreed risk budget. 
Tax and Trusts 
Our clients typically suffer large amounts of tax at varying stages of their lives and as such, every individual solution that we create seeks to either eliminate or significantly reduce the sums concerned. We believe that it is only right and proper that the majority of the benefit should be credited to the underlying investor given that the risk involved sits firmly upon their shoulders. 
In the UK there are strict rules and regulations governing taxation and trusts and in order to best cater for our clients, we work in partnership with other professional connections such as solicitors and accountants, to ensure the most efficient outcome is sought at all times. 
Business Planning 
Company Directors often find themselves so involved in running their own businesses, that they have insufficient time to focus upon their own personal requirements. 
Ajax works closely with many Company Directors assisting them with the burden of managing both their own and their corporate financial affairs.  
Ajax has created a range of innovative solutions that have helped to maximise returns and ensure that financial opportunities are never missed. 
Estate Planning 
Inheritance Tax used to be something that affected only the very rich, but with rising house prices and a buoyant stock market, an ever-increasing number of estates will now suffer this most unpopular of taxes. 
Despite more and more people suffering the effects of Inheritance Tax, HMRC are becoming ever more active in trying to close the remaining loop-holes. This is no surprise however, given that by their own admission they collected around £6.4 billion of Inheritance Tax in the 2022/23 fiscal year alone. If you have worked hard, paid significant tax and wish for those you care about most to benefit upon your demise, then a suitable strategy is required. 
Retirement Planning 
If you want to enjoy your retirement and not just simply exist, accumulating sufficient funds during your working life will make all the difference. Whether you are currently contributing to your plans or considering drawing upon your existing pensions, it is never too soon to create a plan. 
Life expectancy continues to rise, the population continues to increase, pension legislation continues to change and simply doing nothing is no longer a sensible option. Modern pensions have many incorporated benefits which you may or may not be aware of. If you have any doubts regarding the suitability of your current provision, or indeed if you are yet to formulate a plan, we would urge you to seek advice. 
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